Condom Promotion

condomsIncreased correct and consistent use of condoms is strategic given that nationally over 90% of all new infections occur through a heterosexual contact (MoT 2009). The National Condom Strategy (2010-2015) provides guidance to condom programming including issues of leadership, coordination and partnerships; supply and commodity security; access, demand and utilization, and condom programming and support systems. The condom programme also supports interventions that specifically target key affected populations including sex workers, men who have sex with men and long distance truck drivers. Such targeted intervention includes special condom distribution deliveries at hot spots frequented by key populations.

Supply of male condoms increased from about 8 million in 2008 to 12 million in 2011. Female condoms have remained below 250,000 during the same period. The overall distribution of condoms declined from 10.6 million in 2010 to 6.5 million in 2011. National condom coverage is estimated at 41.7% with a national penetration of 44.7%. Regional condom penetration rate was estimated at 44.7% for Hhohho, 39.8% for Manzini, 41.6% for Lubombo and 39.7% for Shiselweni (MICS 2010). The Government of Swaziland has a dedicated a budget line for condom procurement to ensure commodity security and sustainability.


  • Strengthen condom forecasting, procurement and supply management system;
  • Intensify access, demand creation and distribution of condoms using multiple approaches including integration in other health care services;
  • Intensify and expand condom distribution coverage for specific targeted groups at high risk, including young people, MSM, SW and discordant couples;
  • Strengthen SBC interventions in condom programming;
  • Strengthen M&E and research for condoms.


  • % of young people aged 15-24 who report using a condom during first sex has increased from 43.2% for women in 2007 to 55% in 2015 and 65% in 2018 and 49% for men in 2007 to 60% in 2015 and 70% in 2018

Condom use at first sex
Age group  2007  2015  2018
15 to 24  Women  43.2%  55%  65%
 Men  49%  60%  70%

  • % of men and women aged 15 – 49 with more than one partner in the past 12 months who report the use of a condom during last sex has increased from 74% for women in 2010  and 71% for men in 2010 to 80% for both in 2015 and 85% for both in 2018

Condom use with more than one partner
Age group  2010  2015  2018
15 to 24  Women  74%  80%  85%
 Men  71%