Monitoring and Evaluation

The Swaziland National AIDS Program (SNAP) is the coordinating body for the HIV/ AIDS epidemic in the country. It is guided by 3 principles: coordinating mechanism, strategic framework, and a national monitoring and evaluation framework.

Specifically, the Monitoring & Evaluation Unit works closely with the Strategic Information Department within MoH to track or measure the interventions carried out by SNAP.

This includes supporting the development, review and periodically updating Annual Work-plans and the HIV M&E plan; assist in data analysis for compilation of HIV/TB epidemiological quarterly, annual and ad hoc program data and reports; guiding the development or refinement of HIV/TB recording and reporting tools related to M&E including patient tracking forms, medication tracking forms, program indicators and data management systems in order to enhance program documentation.

After a while, the contribution and worth of each intervention is evaluated to support decision-making, improve program performance, and provide accountability for program results.

The unit is also responsible in preparing and training staff, primary stakeholders, and implementing partners, as necessary, on general design of M&E concepts, skills and tools.